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At Mass for racial justice, Archbishop Gregory urged Catholics to recognize reflections of Christ in others - America Magazine , Sept. 11, 2020


"The assumptions of white privilege and what we can do about it" Fr. Bryan Massangale - NCR, June 1, 2020


Black in America: I am tired - "When hope is choked, the despair of knowing this will never be home abounds," Rev. Joseph A. Brown - NCR, June 2, 2020


US Bishops Publish Children’s Book Addressing Racism - Zenit, 1.22.2020


Head of US Bishops Calls for Building ‘Beloved Community’ ahead of Martin Luther King Day, Zenit, 1.17.2020


There is time for the church to support black Catholics—if it has the will to do so - America Magazine Online, 9.18.19


"Catholic Bishops speak out against racism and hatred in wake of El Paso shooting" - Ignation Solidarity Network, 8.9.19    

Archbishop Gomez: 'White America' is a myth -  Catholic News Agency, 8.13.19

Citing El Paso shooting, US bishops condemn divisive, hateful rhetoric -

Catholic News Agency, 8.9.19

In Wake of Horrific, Hate Filled Violence in El Paso, USCCB Migration Chairman, Domestic Social Development Chairman, and Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Racism Call for Change in Language and Rhetoric of All Americans - USCCB, 8.8.19

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